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It’s all finished. You’ve built your dream house, and the interior is perfect. Now, it’s just time to install a new lawn. Whether your home is small and cozy or sprawling and expansive, this task can feel easier said than done. Luckily, it’s not a daunting task when you have an expert team to help you. Here at Sol Landscape, our professional, experienced lawn maintenance professionals know just what it takes to keep your lawn brilliant and beautiful, and to make sure your new home landscaping matches. When it’s time for New Home Yard Installation, we’re here for you. Serving San Jose, California and the surrounding areas, we’re the obvious go-to for your outdoor needs. Contact us today to book your appointment: (408) 900-2810

New Sod Installation

Keeping an existing lawn looking beautiful is a big ask. Between hostile climates, years of wear and tear, and the delicate balance between hydration and fertilization, it’s easy to see why so many yards fall victim to brown spots, dryness, and more. When you install new sod, thoroughly, you can bypass many of those issues. Think of new sod as a blank slate – it comes to you beautiful and healthy, and all you need to do is maintain it. Fortunately, our team can help. 

Offering experienced, professional yard care techs, our team will help your outdoor space stay beautiful—no more rough patches or organic matter deficiencies – just beautiful, green lawn. 

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I’ve known Julio for years and have worked with him on many projects multiple times. The latest project is to renovate my backyard and replace the fence. See photos for before and after. I highly recommend Julio because he is always reliable and responsive and most importantly, keeps his words. The work he does is very high quality too. The putting green he has put together is very smooth and he does a lot of research and work to make it roll fast to meet my requirements.

Alex M.

Julio has helped us over the past fews years in our old property as well as the new property we purchased a few years ago. He did a fantastic job in our backyard landscaping when we just purchased it (see picture attached). We built the new retaining wall and the new concrete where we installed our composite deck, in addition to the pavers around the backyard. The pavers are done in a very professional manner and we don’t see any big gap in between pavers. Now more than 3 years have passed, we never had any problem with those backward pavers.

Recently he has helped us with front yard landscaping project (pic attached too). We needed to demolish our old drive-up ramp, level the entire front yard and then build retaining wall around the walkway. It’s definitely a big project. Julio and his team did another awesome job in carefully planning, executing and finally finishing the job in 3 weeks with great quality. Along the way, we had new requests such as down spout support, and some additional pavers area, etc, he was always happy to include that into the project with reasonable price, and mostly importantly still finishing the job on time (minor extension to the time line).

I had recommended Julio and co. to 2 other houses in our neighborhood. So far, I have heard great feedbacks from them too. Overall, highly recommended landscape contractor.

Tao J.

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